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Munch Mitt Teething Mitten



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What is a Munch Mitt®? The Munch Mitt is a light-weight teething mitt that is easy to fit on babies hands from 3 months till 12 months. This cute & yet handy teething mitt provides relief for teething babies, who are still learning to grip on to objects which prevent the constant dropping of teething toys, which become dirty. The Munch Mitt® has been designed to not only help as a teething aid but it also protects your baby’s hands from excess saliva, chewing & scratching themselves. The Munch Mitt® can be worn on whichever hand your baby prefers making it great to help hand & eye coordination tool as well as being versatile. It also doubles as a “bib” as it absorbs drool while in the mouth. No more wet clothes, yay!

Munch Mitt® has soft breathable fabric, it has an adjustable Velcro strap so that it won’t fall off baby’s hand so it will prevent baby from dropping it on the ground making it dirty. The complimentary travel bag also doubles as a laundry bag, how cool is that. So unlike the missing socks in your washing, it won’t get eaten by the washing machine.

Babies hands are always in their mouth as it is a development stage as well as a way to soothe the pain from teething.
Munch Mitt® is a to a great teething toy that allows baby to put their hands in their mouth & to help soothe the pain of teething, the soft silicone textured area at the top of the mitt gives great relief to sore & swollen gums caused by teeth trying to break through the gums.
Babies of all ages love sounds. The crinkle sound that the Munch Mitt® gives off when chewed or grabbed is a great way to help stimulate audio responses.

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